We love cooking, especially cooking Mexican food as it it supposed to be cooked. It wasn't long before our friends started noticing the flavours every time we'd invite them over for a bite. They started requesting us to cook for them at their places on special occasions like birthdays etc. As you can see from the picture above, we started very small. Small enough to fit all ingredients in one shopping trolly (far left). We are excited to see where our enthusiasm takes us.


We are two mexican friends who love mexican food and its traditions, and as good Mexicans, we take our food everywhere we go.

As we mentioned above, we started our journey simply by cooking for our friends. Then this lockdown thing happened which led us to the idea of spreading our flavors and delicious cuisine to everyone as a Taco-kit delivery service.

We decided to call it Nopalito.


We cook because we truly enjoy our own food.

We have found joy for ourselves when cooking and discovered how easily you can share that joy seeing people really relishing our food. Truly rewarding.

We also want people to taste authentic Mexican food, make them feel as if they were eating from a “Taqueria” in Mexico.


We would love everyone to taste the traditional mexican food. That is the reason why we are constantly changing and creating dishes that everyone can enjoy! Also, we work with fresh ingredients and always make sure all our ingredients are sourced from a fair trade supplier.

Every single dish is prepared and cooked individually and we put time and dedication to ensure the flavour is not only delicious, but also nostalgic in every bite!


One of our biggest challenges is to compete with multinational companies all across the world. They are not only massive, but also massively unoriginal. The worst thing is they claim themselves to mass produce real Mexican food.

We all know who they are and also know the fact that there is barely anything 'real Mexican' about their food. But solely through the sheer force of their marketing budget, they are able to blow teeny-weeny efforts like ours out of competition.

Nevertheless, we are determined to gain a foothold in the tiniest space available and try to show people what 'Authentic Mexican' food is all about. We bring you the real deal, the seasonings, the methods and all from home to the UK and we truly hope you like it.

Always listening to your suggestions.